Daily Prompt: Millions of faces

via Daily Prompt: Millions

There are millions of different faces one may see in their life time , yet we cannot remember them all. A million faces seen , a million personalities unique in ways unimaginable yet we do not remember them all.

Human beings with their knowledge and intelligence still show signs of weaknesses . Is being human a weakness? one might wonder as they try to recall the million faces seen but still cannot remember them all.

Imagining a world in the distant future , thinking, would we still have this weakness of seeing a million faces and still not remember them all. Imagining if technology were to step in to correct the weaknesses of human beings. A robot, call it a cyborg if you may that is equipped with the capabilities of facial recognition, a computer that can be uploaded with Millions of faces worth, that surely would be able to remember them all unlike the human counterparts who even after seeing a million faces but still cannot remember them all.


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